Global Affiliate Trainings

Global Affiliate Trainings

Train with Shiva or our Global Collective of Affiliate Teacher Trainers are experienced and leading teachers of Prana Vinyasa who offer trainings and advanced modules all over the world.


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United States


Shiva Rea

Kelley Doyle

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier



Maria Garre

Shawn Parell

Monica Mesa

Twee Merrigan

Devon Sweeney

Adri Keyser


East Coast:

Jess Lazar

Robert Lim

Andrew McAuley

Maria Garre: Elemental Vinyasa 1: Grounding and Fluidity - Albuquerque New Mexico - Sept. 17th

Coral Brown

Lauren Hannah

Carson Effird

Jeffrey Duval



Heather Ritenour

Aubree Saia



Veronique Dumont: E-Flow - Mandala Des Asanas - Formation En Francais 200h/500h - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - July 21st


South America


Juan Gabriel



Monica Mesa