Prana Vinyasa is dedicated to providing a full-spectrum mandala of solar-lunar practice for activating, balancing and nourishing the flow of yoga in daily life – the living of energetic vinyasa. Yoga Alchemy is our online school and support system for our teachers in training and students who desire to deepen their practice and understanding of Prana Vinyasa. The "pathways of prana vinyasa" is a practice guide to each the 10 Namaskars and 10 Solar-Lunar Sequences that correspond to each of the teacher certification modules: Foundation (Art of Namaskar/MOA/Art of Teaching Vinyasa), Elemental, Chakra, Rasa.

Prana Vinyasa is invested in your education and the assimilation of the transformative practices you will learn in teacher trainings and modules. We offer sample classes and teaching materials in abundance for every training module. The embodiment of the knowledge received during your training is key. Once home you will have time to digest the information through our online videos and living yoga sadhana courses. With each course we also have private Facebook groups that are rich with connectivity and love, the perfect accompaniment to stay connected with your teachers and fellow tribe members.We create sacred space in cyberspace!

Our vibrant online community offers ongoing workshops, courses and resources to stay connected and continue the deepening of your education and evolution on the path. We celebrate and respect the householder’s rhythm by offering trainings and retreats that are accessible for students who need flexibility around dynamic lives. You can choose the module rhythm that works for you and stay connected through year-round teacher training courses and live meditations.

Enhancing your education without having to leave your house!

Prana Vinyasa offers unprecedented, supportive online courses that include:

30 videos for solar and lunar Foundation (Roots) Prana Vinyasa, Elemental Prana Vinyasa and Chakra Prana Vinyasa sequences, filmed in Santorini and Costa Rica

Art of Namaskar and Solar Mandala of Asanas: which covers 71 blueprint asanas, over 400 photos and short videos, written teaching cues for embodying the threepart vinyasa and teaching energetic alignment of the core asanas of namaskars and of the blue-print asanas for each family of asanas

Advanced and Elective modules, Rasa Prana Vinyasa, Kalari Vinyasa, Prana Danda Vinyasa and Soma Prana Vinyasa, have online study programs launching in 2016, each including 5 videos to practice the corresponding Prana Vinyasa sadhanas.

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