• More info coming soon on 108-54-27 hour certifications via LIVE and ONLINE resources
  • Our vibrant online community offers ongoing workshops, courses and resources to stay connected and continue the deepening of your education and evolution on the path.
  • Discover and embrace your Sva Dharma – Your unique life purpose and passion! Students are empowered to be the change they wish to see in world through sacred activism – community service projects.
  • We celebrate and respect the householder’s rhythm by offering trainings and retreats that are accessible for students who need flexibility around dynamic lives. You can choose the module rhythm that works for you and stay connected through year-round teacher training courses and live meditations.
  • We are invested in your education and the assimilation of these transformative practices. We offer sample classes and teaching materials in abundance for every training module.
  • Embodiment of the knowledge received during training is key. Once home you will have time to digest the information through our supported, multiple pathways of writing in your teacher’s journal, sacred readings, OMwork, and study via online videos and living yoga sadhana courses.
  • Learn the lifestyle of living in rhythm with the natural flow of Prana Shakti – our universal life force. To guide students on their evolutionary and spiritual path we offer a system of online resources for practical living within the pulse of life.These resources include sadhanas of bi-monthly new and full moon LIVE meditations with Shiva, Ayurveda self-care practices, yogic philosophy, tantric meditations, celebrations and rituals for sacred holidays, and sanskrit, and scholarly findings.
  • Our social media gatherings are rich with connectivity and love, the perfect accompaniment to stay connected with your teachers and fellow tribe members.We create sacred space in cyberspace!