Choose Your Training Flow

Choose Your Training Flow

Our teacher training program is flexible so that contact hours be completed in a single time-frame or within the span of 2-3 years by your design by choosing modules that work for you and fulfill your contact hour requirements. This is a unique and versatile program style that allows you to choose a pathway that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Here's a simple breakdown of how our training works

The Prana Vinyasa Global School of Living Yoga is an evolutionary teacher training path offered across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Students of the program are empowered to design their training based on personal intention regarding interest, location, cost, and length of time. Solar and Lunar pathways of training are available

You can choose How and Where you Want to Begin.

Review the current calendar here as well as the Lunar Pathway information here.

The 200/300/500hr programs require the foundation modules Embodying the Flow/Mandala of Asanas and either Elemental Prana Vinyasa or Art of Namaskar. The foundation modules are offered annually in Malibu, CA, Greece, India, and Costa Rica. Check the calendar for these location dates, as well as additional foundation offerings that may arise at yoga studios across the globe. Three week programs in these locations also complete the full 180 contact hours required for the 200hr certification. See the calendar for these dates.

Modules may be taken in any order, and up to two times for contact hour credit.

The 200hr program can be completed in two years maximum, and the 300/500hr programs in three years maximum.

Any modules offering contact hour credits can make up the remaining hours needed after completing the foundation courses.

The program hours consist of contact and non-contact hours. Contact hours are the live modules taken with either Shiva Rea or an affiliate trainer. Non-contact hours are made up of supplemental online courses, required reading, and homework. Affiliate contact hours The breakdown of each program is:
200hr: 180 contact hours, 20 non contact hours
300hr: 270 contact hours, 30 non contact hours
500hr: 450 contact hours, 50 non contact hours

We do not offer a completely online accredited teacher training program.

You will incur the cost of the training modules, in addition to your accommodations and travel expenses. Shorter trainings are priced differently, those details can be found on the calendar page of the website. In addition there, are membership and certification fees, as well as online courses.

When you are ready: Apply to our Integrated or Lunar Teacher Training program path

Using our ONLINE APPLICATION found here and pay our $54 application fee which provides you with a lifetime membership to Yoga Alchemy. This online portal contains the supplemental online training courses as well as many amazing resource programs ranging from Ayurveda to classical Indian dance.

Enjoy your time as a student in the 200/300/500hr program pathway for up to two or three years!

Choices: Humaliwu/California, Europe, China, India, Australia, Costa Rica
Or Affiliate Programs across the US. Click here to see the Affiliate Calendar.