Upcoming Programs
with Shiva


Study steeped in ancient wisdom, tradition and positive cultural exchange.

Experience the Living Vinyasa of your teacher training journey on a global level in pilgrimage to the earth's most mystical, powerful + elemental locations with Shiva Rea as your guide. 

200 Hour Solar/Lunar Prana Vinyasa Trainings with Shiva 2019-2021 / 7-21 day options

Costa Rica: Vital Living Sol Retreat + Prana  Flow Wellness 

North America  - California  

India-  Bhakti Prana Vinyasa 7-21 day options

Greece 2021 


300 Hour Prana Flow + Specialty Tracks 

Europe- Cologne,  Amsterdam,  Santorini  2020 + 2021/ 3-21 day options

California Flow Arts + Sahaja Prana Flow / 3-7-9 day immersion options

West Coast Prana Vinyasa- Denver, Tara Mandala, 

Costa Rica: Vital Living + Prana Flow Wellness 2020-21/ 7-21 day options

India: Kahjuraho to Kashi: Shiva Shakti Rasa / 9 day immersion

Australia: Byron Bay- Breathing with Tighers / 7 day immersion

East Coast US: Kripalu, 


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