Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Angela Baschieri

Location: Johannesburg / London Level: 300 Hour Prana Vinyasa

Angela is originally from Italy, she moved to Johannesburg, South Africa from London in 2018 to work in the non-profit sector on sustainable development issues in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. The passion for yoga and healing practices started 15 years ago and she studies different type of yoga, meditations and energy healing systems in Africa, Latin America, India, USA and UK.

She started her journey with Yoga in Vrindavan India under the Sivananda tradition, she then had the opportunity to meet Shiva Rea in Costa Rica and decided to embarked on a 4 years journey to ‘Embody the Flow’ and completed the Prana Yoga Flow certification. She has studied Reiki Seichen Healing, Reiki Master and Sound Healing with many masters. Since in South Africa she has joined the Red Tent movement in Johannesburg and reconnected to the divine feminine teaching and womb wisdom.

She has an integrative and self-empowered healing approach and she organised a number of retreats facilitating spaces for self-discovery, empowerment and connection in Ethiopia, Ireland, UK and Mexico.