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Anna Beale

Location: Chesapeake, VA Level: 500hr Prana Vinyasa

When people ask me where I am from due to my slight accent, which they think is from Minnesota, I have a hard time giving them a clear answer. It is not an easy or fast. And no I am not from Minnesota. I was born in Krakow, Poland to Polish parents and then grew up in Africa with a Lebanese bonus Dad who was a UN diplomat, finished high school in New York City at the United Nations International School, then went to college at the University of Pennsylvania, then back to NYC for my grad school, then a stint in the Navy as an officer for 8 years, then worked in the world of defense contracting and government service while currently living in Chesapeake, VA- and married with my husband Chris, his kids on some weeks, and 2 dogs, Rocket and Lulu. My Mom also moved down here with us since Dad passed and makes up my close nuclear family.

My love resides in all things wellness, healing, energy, divine feminine, yoga, Ayurveda and new consciousness.

I feel like I have been a healer, shaman or medicine woman in past lives and maybe in this life. At home I am the one who comes up with all the natural remedies, including those for our pets. As a child I used to see things before they occured, or know names of people I never met, but was able to “read”.

My belief is that our bodies are designed so intelligently - and can heal on their own, if we provide then with the proper nutrition, exercise, and natural remedies. Each of our bodies has its’ own genetic makeup and unique “constitution” as they say in Ayurveda. When you honor that, and base your diet, your habits and development on that initial blueprint- you are moving with the flow of life and the natural flow of your body.

Furthermore, we all have a soul and spirit. What happens to you when you die, or when your loved ones die? Maybe you believe in past lives, like I do— and that the soul is forever living, just moving through various lifetimes, evolving as it goes through different trials and tribulations. And our mind…just like body it needs nourishment and needs to be “trained”… meaning practices like yoga and meditation offer you the mindFULNESS exercises that help you train that mind- so it does not run off with you.

So this is my journey in this lifetime. I believe I have much to offer to assist others in their journey and healing. Hope I can be there for you in whatever capacity, as we all travel together on this road of life - taking different detours, making stops, and hopefully directing ourselves to better, more holistic versions of ourselves along the way.

I received my initial yoga 200HR certification at 532YOGA in Alexandria, VA in 2013, and in 2020 I have completed my 300HR with Prana Vinyasa...putting me at 500HR RYT!. I have been practicing yoga on and off since I was 9 years of age. Namaste.