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Tania Christoleni

Location: Athens, Greece Level: RYT-200 Prana Vinyasa Studio(s): Oso yoga studio

Having been introduced to yoga at a very fragile and critical stage in life,it is her experience and belief that yoga can change our lives.We can get pas the limitations of the ego with asana, pranayama and meditation as the totality of our being partakes in evolution.

Classes are focused on body,breath and mind as a way to realise that every cell in our body has ancestral dna,that we are all brothers and sisters living in a non-hostile environment,wired to gain self respect by contributing to society, by serving, by helping other people.Yoga can only function with fulfilling our role in society.
As Shiva has taught the root of namaskar is “na ma” ,not me. Every class is therefore an offering, a prayer, sacred.
Other influences and training
Elemental Prana VInyasa, Delphoi 2016,2017
Workshop with Gregor Maehle, 2017
Workshop with Dianne Long, student of Vanda Scaravelli,2015
Satyananda Yoga
Yoga Nidra