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Christine Conzelmann

Location: Reutlingen, Germany Level: RYT 200 hrs. Yoga Alliance Prana Vinyasa TT 200 hrs. with Sandra Amtmann in Roth, Germany 2016 RYT 500 Prana Vinyasa Studio(s): Naturheilpraxis für Körper und Seele

After her first Vinyasa Yoga TT in Berlin in 2006 she taught smaller groups and individuals in her own rooms and in various studios. However, she felt the need to dig deeper and to continue her studies with Shiva Rea's wonderful YogaAlchemy Prana Vinyasa Flow which emphasizes the subtle energies and the bhavas within. Learning how to play with those energies / the bhavas and to reconnect to the pulse of life allows us to touch our inner peace and joy which leads our whole system to deep regeneration and healing.

Christine is a naturopath and also loves to share her wisdom of the 5 daoist elements and Shiatsu (energetic body work).