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Evelyn Friedel

Location: Mannheim / Bonn / Duesseldorf - GERMANY Level: 200 hour Prana Flow Certification

Evelyn discovered her passion for yoga in 2003. Since then she studied various yoga styles and traditions, including Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga and Jivamukti yoga. During her studies she attended many workshops and conferences with leading yoga teachers in the U.S. and Germany.

Having met Shiva Rea for the first time at a yoga journal conference in 2008, Evelyn continued studying with her and senior teacher Twee Merrigan in the years to come. 
In Prana Flow yoga Evelyn feels at home since it offers a unique style of fluid movements and an energetic, full-spectrum approach to yoga and incorporating it into daily life. She values especially the creative and adaptable but well thought out way of sequencing the yoga practice. 

Enjoying nature, Evelyn loves to practice outside, be it asanas, pranayama, meditation or kalarippayattu. Besides yoga, she enjoys taking ballet classes and she is interested in modern and contemporary art.

Evelyn is enthusiastic to share the practice of Prana Flow yoga in Germany, particularly around her home town Mannheim and her current homes in Bonn and Duesseldorf. She strongly believes that yoga is there for everyone – “Yoga ist für alle da!”