Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Susan Sheridan

Level: 200hr Lunar Prana Flow Studio(s): Vancouver and Winnipeg, Canada

After completing my initial formal yoga teacher training in the Kripalu tradition, I met and immediately resonated with my teacher and mentor, Shiva Rea, studying Yoga Trance Dance in various workshops and over a number of years of further integrating her prana flow yoga teachings through the Samudra School of Online Yoga. I found my formal teaching path in Prana Flow with Shiva Rea in my study of Lunar Prana Flow beginning in 2019.

My love for these teachings is my daily practice in a time in our human evolution where there is much dissonance, these calming, grounding practices enhance inner knowing, heart consciousness, and grounded being. They resonate with innate joy, ease and freedom of movement of mind, body, and breath accessible to everyone.

I am delighted and honored to offer these practices as a Lunar Flow Yoga teacher.