Elemental Prana Vinyasa

Elemental Prana Vinyasa


Elemental Prana Vinyasa with Mandala of Asanas™

Experience yoga as a way to embody the flow of our elemental body and invigorate our primary connection with nature from within the “roots and evolution of vinyasa” in the Elemental Prana Vinyasa module. This pathway includes 5 Elemental Namaskars and 10 Solar-Lunar Prana Vinyasa Wave Sequences.  Combined with Mandala of Asanas, you will learn the uniquely Prana Vinyasa methods of Energetic Alignment, Hands-on Assists, Vinyasa Krama Sequencing for asanas  within the Elemental sequences-  earth to space- and an integrated understanding of the movements of Prana, practical anatomy, and how to open and strengthen the core structures of embodiment from head to toe, skin to subtle body.

This module is offered in a 5 day format (with Shiva) or in a 5 module weekend format with Senior Prana Vinyasa teachers.

This Module Includes:

  • Introduction to Embodying the Power of Nature: learning the 5 elements
  • Awakening Vinyasa as movement meditation as we focus on poetry, rhythm, breath and movement patterns.
  • Art of Namaskar Workbook with the Five Elemental Namaskars – Bhumi (earth) Namaskar, Jala (water) Namaskar, Agni (fire) Namaskar, Hridaya (air) Namaskar, Akash (space) Namaskar that are part of the 40 Namaskar Mandala.
  • Experience the integration of elemental meditation, mudra, mantra and bhavana (contemplation through the heart) in 10 complete solar-lunar prana vinyasa practices
  • Five Prana Mudra Vinyasas and five step process of leading movement meditation
  • Understanding the Microcosm-Macrocosm of the Elemental Body within Yoga and cross-culturally and the importance of embodying nature in our current times of ecological change.
  • Continued study of the Movement Alchemy system and how to use a “practice palette” and available online Yoga Alchemy practices to create life balance and flow.
  • Caring for the Elemental Body through Ayurvedic Dinacharya and Lifestyle (Daily and Seasonal) Rhythm
  • Deepening our connection to Prana Vinyasa wave sequencing.
  • Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa Method and Vinyasa Krama to teach to all levels.
  • Learn to teach and assist five primary alignment actions of the core "blueprint" asanas of the mandalas and sequence combinations with skill, effectiveness, fluency, and creativity.
  • Develop Energetic Observation - ability to assess imbalances, blockages and leaks of energy to a person's body, mind and heartfire.
  • Review and application of basic anatomy to understand the way prana flows in the muscles, bones and fascia for balancing and lengthening qualities of structural embodiment within the asanas
  • Special Mandala of Asanas Method - self and partner massage for regeneration and learning muscles, joints and boney landmarks of the body relevant to practice.

Required Reading:

  1. Cyndi Dale book Encylopedia of the Subtle Body
  2. Tending the Heart Fire by Shiva Rea

Required Online Course:

  1. Elemental Pathway of Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea