Soma Prana Vinyasa

Soma Prana Vinyasa

Soma Prana Vinyasa™

Inner Nectar – Rejuvenation and the Inner Arts of Yoga

Soma Prana Vinyasa is a regenerative practice that is one-half meditative Prana Vinyasa namaskars and deep lunar mudrasanas (long holds) and one-half inner arts of meditation, mantra, mudra, self-massage and deep shavasana. Soma is connected to the inner water, ojas, essence, vitality, and amrita as the sublime nectar of healing – the energy that can green a desert and restore love.

This new class format is distilled from 24 years of evolution of vinyasa and is the first module (part one) to offer how to teach lunar vinyasa as a balancing healing approach to transforming stress and tensions, cultivating ojas, and circulating nectar.

Hightlights include:

  • Lunar Prana Vinyasa Namaskars for cultivating movement meditation, fluidity, rejuvenation
  • Lunar mudrasanas – long holds in forward bends, inversions, restorative and supine asanas
  • Meditation – mantra, mudra, and contemplation
  • Opening and closing chants for regeneration
  • Sahaja Prana Flow – healing flow of spontaneous movement
  • Pranayama – lunar breath flows and other prana kriyas
  • Wisdom sutras from the tantras and universal wisdom to bring into class
  • Prana nadi self-massage – with massage tools, sacred touch, and optional essential oils or ayurvedic oils
  • Life-practices for cultivating ojas through Ayurveda
  • Continued study and support through three-month to one-year online program that integrates the transformation of lunar vinyasa into your daily life
Required Readings:

None currently for this training

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