Shakti Sadhana

Shakti Sadhana

Shakti Sadhana: Embodying the Sacred Feminine

(Practice Intensive for pre-natal vinyasa)

Living Practices for Awakening Shakti through Yoga and Prana Flow

We will connect modern-day yoginis with the universal and ancient yoga traditions that honor the shakti within all of creation. We’ll create a natural collective sadhana focusing on the cyclical nature of the female body through Prana Flow Shakti and Chandra namaskars (goddess and moon salutations), mudra, movement meditation, textual sources, chanting, prayer, women’s circle and contemplation of one’s life journey.

Throughout our time together, we seek to create an embodied spirituality, opening to and nurturing the creative juices, fiery passion, and wise depths of the feminine in relation to nature and the sacred masculine. As we address the unique nature of lives as contemporary women, we allow and honor the organic unfolding of each woman’s experience and expression of yoga and life.

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience in yoga are invited to:

  • Explore the embodiment of the Shakti in a community of women
  • Experience yoni bandha – the inner teachings of mula bandha, vajroli mudra
  • Experience three practices Prana Flow Shakti Namaskars for Saraswati Ma (creative flow), Lakshmi Ma (abundant flow), Durga Ma (empowered flow) and Radharani (sringara flow) and the sequences of practice that are healing for all women from preganant goddesses to post-menapausal
  • Integrate Mudra, Mantra and Meditations for Shakti Sadhana
  • Awaken your Body Altar – Living Altar – personal altar care and universal puja (offering practice)
  • Explore the cyclical principles and practices that cultivate women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health to cultivate your life-force and align with natural rhythms
  • Serves as the practice immersion for Pre-Natal Vinyasa –Doula Program

Many times, pre-natal yoga is taught from a structural point of view emphasizing how to support a women’s pregnancy through asanas. The Pre-Natal yoga training highlights a difference approach. Embodying the Goddess is a way of teaching pre-natal yoga as a path of awakening women to the power of the sacred feminine that is so alive during pregnancy and continues to mature and deepen through the loving and transformative process becoming a mother.

When a woman is pregnant, it is her initiation into the Universal Mother, the Great Goddess known as Shakti within yoga. Since ancient times, the practices, mantras, visualizations and healing wisdom that connect women to the flow of Shakti have been offered as support for mother’s to be. The core retreat offers the shakti namaskars, sequences and inner transformation that allow a woman to teach pre-natal yoga. The intensive following anchors the structural, anatomy and physiology of pre-natal yoga to prepare you to begin to teach and support the Goddess within you and those you teach.

Pre-Natal Intensive:
Draw from Shiva’s celebrated pre- and post- natal yoga with the principles of vinyasa krama (stages of evolution and a healing approach to flow). Shiva’s innovative sequencing and creative approach the divine feminine to shine through all stages of pregnancy.

Sacred female anatomy-physiology of pregnancy and foundation understanding the changes within a woman’s body and hormones that can be supported through yoga

Shakti – the mother goddess tradition within yoga and universally as spiritual support for the initiation of motherhood