Kalari Shakti

Kalari Shakti

Body As Temple Teacher Intensive with Shiva Rea and teachers of CVN Kalari

Experience an immersion into the art, practices, and realization of the yogic-tantric view of the “body as temple”. Your immersion will bring you into the capital city of Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram for seven Kalari Shakti daily practices at CVN Kalari with Shiva’s teachers leading to the practice sequence of the “Puttara Vandanam” or core namaskar of Kalarippayatu. These sessions will be complemented by sunset yoga sessions for the entire retreat with Shiva as well as special programs. This will deepen your experience of yogic embodiment and initiate you into the practice of Kalarippayatu – a requirement for teaching any aspect of the KalariVinyasa pathway in Prana Flow.

Teacher Intensive Includes:

  • Kalari practice at CVN Kalari with Sathyan Narayan and Rajeshekaranarayan
  • Video sequence of the Kalari Vinyasa developed by Shiva to practice in preparation to teach
  • Daily transportation to and from Trivandrum for Kalari in private taxis (this is an interesting 30 min drive each way)
  • Teacher training credit including opportunity for permission to teach the Kalari Vinyasa developed as a preparation to Kalarippayatu by Shiva with video certification post-training (This option is for 200-500 hour program electives, cannot be substituted for core modules)

About Kalarippayatu

Experience a dynamic introduction to the ancient Indian martial art form kalaripayattu, or kalari, and its shared roots within yoga and Ayurveda. Kalari is an embodied art form that is considered to be one of the oldest “martial art” forms in the world as warrior training is part of this profound and beautiful fluid form. Practiced in a Kalari – a temple created on the raw earth – this form complements the sacred relationship to the body in yoga while giving expression to the embodied power of shakti that is received from the earth and liberated through movement flow, meditation and marma massage. Shiva’s roots are part of CVN Kalari in Thiruvanathapuram with her teachers Sathya Narayan and Rajashekaran Nayar who will be leading the intensive. The fees support the clinic of CVN Kalari which treats patients at a low cost.

Required Reading:

  1. When the Body Becomes All Eyes: Paradigms, Discourses and Practices of Power in Kalarippayattu, a South Indian Martial Art by Phillip Zarrilli
Required Online Courses:
  1. Flow like a River: Intro to Kalarippayatu in the Tradition of CVN Kalari