PranaDandaYoga is an empowering and fluid way to center the mind and awaken the energetic spine (inner danda) by engaging with a specially designed 5 foot staff (outer danda). In yogic tradition the danda is perceived as a reflection of the central energy channel, a symbol of present-moment rootedness and serves as the pivotal axis which grounds one’s practice in guardianship; the penetrating quality of alertness that neutralizes all distraction. The danda supports and guides a series of asanas and spiral movements comprised of a specially designed Prana Vira Flow sequence (vinyāsa) that can be done with or without the danda. Integrate the danda with a Prana Vira Flow® vinyasa sequences.

  • Attracts mind/energy to the embodied center which creates deeper, energetic alignment, and primal connection 
  • Heightens one’s presence with an archetype of power, stability and wisdom 
  • Refines coordination by acting as a “rhythmic conductor” entraining and unifying coherent systems of the body 
  • Acts a horizontal and vertical alignment tool supporting the body in asana and meditation 
  • Induces a feeling of interconnectedness, peace and well being

Learn the philosophy and fundamentals of PDY as a embodied ritual practice and as a sacred support for asana, meditation, dance and flow. Must have 200-hour certification to teach and ongoing online participation for certification.

Multi Day Intensive Includes:

  • Core PranaDanda meditation (including Lama Tsoknyi’s Meditation Instruction) and 9 round nadi shodana
  • Entire series of sequences from the Heaven & Earth Family
  • 8 kriyas of Prana Danda Yoga
  • Hands-on assists with danda
  • Synchronized partner practice

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Required Online Courses: