The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa & Prana Flow Massage

The Art of Lunar Prana Vinyasa & Prana Flow Massage

Includes Prana Flow: Energetic Alignment, Lunar Mandala of Asanas, Lunar Wave-Sequencing and Hands-on. Awaken your connection to your understanding of the regenerative power of the moon as we explore the art of lunar prana vinyasa – meditation in flow.

In this immersion, we will cultivate the root of Chandra Namaskar and explore meditative dancing warriors in a lunar flow as we learn how to skillfully lead lunar wave sequences.You will receive the transmission of lunar elemental namaskars as movement mediation along with lunar prana vinyasa sequences integrating mudrasanas (long holds with inner visualization).

You will also focus on learning basic prana flow self-massage for embodied knowledge of connective tissues, release of dense muscles, and awakening circulation of blood flow, lymph and prana flow. Everyday we will focus on the art of lunar hands on assist through self-massage and basic supportive flows from Ayurvedic Kalari-based massage which help lubricate and restore the inner and outer body.

Learn how to cultivate the inner arts of lunar meditation, mudra and mantra as ways of transforming stress, offering peace to a changing world, as we learn to nourish ourself which still being warriors for peace.

Hightlights Include:

  • Learn chandra namaskar with mantras and lunar dancing warriors with connecting vinyasas for all-levels of practice and energy.
  • Explore the art of rejuvenation, restoration, and lunar prana flow®.
  • Learn four primary lunar sequences to develop hip opening, forward bending, twists, backbending and inversions in a meditative flow
  • Learn basic prana flow® self-massage flows with ayurvedic herbal healing oils, massage balls, and tuning forks.
  • Focus on the hands on assist and energetic alignment for the lunar families of asanas,
  • Experience Lunar meditation, mudra and mantra for inner and outer renewal
  • Focus on teaching meditation with poetic language to create a lunar bhava (feeling mind).
  • Receive a workbook of sequences and background and Shiva’s favorite elemental music playlists.
Required Readings

None currently required for this training.

Required Online Programs

1. Roots (Foundation) Pathways of Prana Vinyasa - Lunar Sequences