Wellness Guide

Wellness Guide

Prana Flow Yoga Wellness Guide

Cultivate Therapeutic Healing as a Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with Shiva Rea

This will be inclusive in our Costa Rica Teacher Training 2018-2019.

A simple yet profound approach, Prana Flow Yoga Wellness speaks to the need for therapeutic yoga in a technological, fast paced, stress filled world. Highlighting the intelligence of Prana Vinyasa Yoga as a healing system, this program empowers teachers with tools and practices to help students live in natural flow- Living in Rhythm - activating the healing intelligence within us all.

A Prana Flow Yoga Teacher serves the healing flow as a Wellness Guide with practices for balancing the solar-lunar, elemental nature of our being while minimizing inner and outer stress patterns. 200/300/500 hour Prana Flow teachers implementing the Wellness Guide are empowered to:

  • ● Lead new and full moon movement meditation with lunar cycle visioning sessions
  • ● Identify stressors through body scan meditation
  • ● Facilitate balanced solar-lunar yoga practice as movement meditation
  • ● Offer lunar relaxation and meditation
  • ● Teach healthful living as daily, weekly, and seasonal wellness practices.
  • ● Lead “Flow for All”- accessible yoga for all backgrounds, steering focus away from


    “accomplishing” yoga and instead towards healthy lifestyle balance and inner well-being.

  • ● Use Prana Vinyasa as a life map to wellness from the Foundation, Elemental, Chakra,


    Rasa, and Bhakti teachings.

  • ● Guide namaskars, or “sun salutations”, of over 40 variations to support the balances of


    solar, lunar, linear, circular, and free from movement meditations. This namaskar palette empowers the Prana Flow Yoga Teacher/Wellness guide in offering deeply evolved yoga practices without imbalancing student’s health in pursuit of advanced yoga postures.

    Every Prana Flow teacher training module is conducted as an experience of living yoga and seasonal vitality with the intention of being rejeuvenating and at the same time, immersive. Within the structure of their Prana Vinyasa Yoga offerings, a Prana Flow Yoga Wellness Guide provides the map for students to activate yoga as a way of life