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This site is dedicated to the untapped resources of our life-force.
The power of breath – may we breathe fully in each moment.
The power of love – life is short – may we choose love in all ways and all forms.
And the power of renewable energy now – positive green energy in the face of climate change.

Teacher Training

Humaliwo: Summer Flow Arts / Chakra Vinyasa / Yoga Trance Dance / Prana Danda Vinyasa

August 19th-25th

Experience a summer pranafication for those that like to move, flow, unwind and get the essence of Prana Vinyasa and Flow Arts (Prana Danda Yoga & Global Yoga Rhythms) in a one week immersion.

Our new living flow retreat is an extraordinary sacred space near the sea dedicated to living the rhythms of yoga in community at an affordable rate.

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