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This site is dedicated to the untapped resources of our life-force.
The power of breath – may we breathe fully in each moment.
The power of love – life is short – may we choose love in all ways and all forms.
And the power of renewable energy now – positive green energy in the face of climate change.

Teacher Training

2018 Teacher Immersions

Join us in our transformative Prana Vinyasa across the globe:

Shiva will be found leading experiences in USA, Greece, Costa Rica, China, Australia, London, Amsterdam, New Zealand, India, and with our Prana Vinyasa Affiliate programs across the globe!

With Global Teacher Trainers: Adri Kyser. Alessandra Pecorella, Andrew Mcauley, Aubree Saia, Carson Efird, Chanel Luck, Christine May, Coral Brown, Dani McGuire, Delamay Devi, Devon Sweeney, Heather Ritenour, Jeffrey Duval, Jessica Lazar, Jorge Cabellos, Juan Gabriel, Kata Van Doussel, Kelley Doyle, Konstantina Maridak, Lauren Hanna, Maria Garre, Marion Inderst, Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, Monica Mesa, Nele Van Poucke, Nicole Walsh, Roberto Lim, Sandra Amtmann, Shawn Perrill, Simon Park, Twee Merrigan, Veronique Dumont

Found in:
USA, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Austraiia, Belgium, Italy, , Germany, Canada, Hungary, United Kingdom, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Finland, France, Columbia, Japan, Chile

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