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I am Shiva Rea, yogini and mother, yogadventurer,
founder of pranavinyasa & global school for living yoga.

We are passionate about helping people awaken
to the untapped energy that is available to us all:

- our breath power that is breathing us all
- the power of love - that regenerates, nourishes, heals and transforms
- and elemental power of nature - the renewable abundance of solar, wind, water, and earth composting power that will be our green future

This hub is a soul sanctuary to be inspired to breathe more fully,
love more deeply and to shift towards a greater vital life for all.

Join us in the invitation of live and online events, meditations, sacred activism, immersions, retreats, home practice tools and teacher trainings. We are passionate about living vinyasa, sacred activism, natural flow, regenerating self-care, vital health, natural spirituality, passion within compassion and all things living flow.

Come as we are - all are welcome to the open circle.

Teacher Training

Prana Flow Soulful Wellness

Upcoming Vital Living + Wellness Guide

Become a Vital Living Wellness Guide
Evolutionary Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Live and ONLINE empowerment

Tend the fire of your unique purpose, vital
health, and life-path
Serve the world througb inspiring and effective teaching
for one to one 1, diverse group classes, community
workshops and seasonal rituals.
Embody your vital energy, activate your soul purpose
and pass on the tools for vital living from the roots and
evolution of yoga, prana vinyasa, flow arts, ayurveda
and the functional wellness.

Cultivate your unique mission – body, heart and soul

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